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Illy Arabica Coffee in iperEspresso capsules (21pcs.* 6,7g.)

Sales price: 410,00 ₴

Illy IperEspresso Coffee in capsules has a sweet mild flavor and its aroma is extremely rich. You will be able to catch candy and chocolate shades along with citrus and honey tones in it. The morning cup of this coffee you will make for a few seconds will fill your home with a magical aroma, give you courage and inspiration.


Illy Arabica Coffee in whole beans 250g

Sales price: 295,00 ₴

Illy Coffee in Espresso beans is a combination of three basic flavors perfectly balanced with each other: sweetness, bitterness, acidity and a long chocolate aftertaste


Illy Arabica Coffee in mono doses (18 pcs * 7g.)

Sales price: 290,00 ₴

A mixture of coffee has natural caffeine content. This blend is made with manually collected grains which means that the coffee composition has only ripe grains.


Illy Arabica Ground Coffee 250g

Sales price: 299,00 ₴

illy Espresso is made up of nine different sorts of highland Arabica growing on the territory of such countries as Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala. The basis is the Brazilian sort Santos. The natural caffeine content in high-quality Arabica beans is from 1.1 to 1.7%


Illy Arabica Ground Coffee 125g

Sales price: 199,00 ₴

You can always count on Illy to prepare a perfect cup of coffee.

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